Serin Menfez Havalandırma Sistemleri

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Ekşioğlu Mahallesi. 35. Sok. No:1 / Çekmeköy | ISTANBUL




As a production, it makes all kinds of air conditioners, culvert components and ventilation systems. Appealing to a wide range of customers, SERİN MENFEZ sells culverts and shutters to and from the borders of Turkey, with its headquarters in Istanbul. The roller shutters used in fresh air and exhaust openings are produced to be controlled with levers as well as fixed, mobile wing structures. Its intended use is very versatile.

Aluminum vents provide air surcculation of indoor spaces in the ventilation system. The culvert protects you from unwanted objects thanks to the mosquito net. Practical blinds for bathrooms are applied as superficial gluing. Aluminum snap snap bass hungry intervention cover is made in all sizes and colors. Control covers are used in ceilings because they are lockable. Wooden door under-door double-sided linear door transfer vents are produced as matte anodized, ie natural or pressed. Linear culvert is used for air conditioning front, kaleriför honeycomb top window gaps. We produce all culvert models and offer them to you with affordable culvert prices.