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Culvert Box (Plenum Box)

  • Culvert Box

Product Information:

Culvert box, also known as Plenum Box, is the intermediate used in the assembly ofsquare
and rectangular vents is equipment. Air flow rate adjustment with flap or damper placed at
the throat inlet of the culvert box is given to the environment by air. It is used in blowing
and suction channels. Air intake from the top or side maybe. Homogeneous routing of air in
ventilation systems with diffusers or vents is used for. It is often used in suspended ceiling
applications. Vent box for air adjustment flap can be installed from wrought iron sheet or an
air regulating damper can be used. Diffuser or vent to the box its installation can be done with
screws or clips. Hanging the culvert box from the ceiling with rod or hanging apparatus doable.





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